Friday, July 17, 2015

Why David Bruner so "love" Anastasia Date

I would like to comment on a last website to which Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) refers and gives the direct link only to this agency. This site owes the same registration dates that the much talked-of in the has.

Why David Bruner so "love" Anastasia Date

By the way, this scandal is mentioned on one of the most popular and trustworthy internet sites - Wikipedia

As you might have guessed, Elena's Models was involved in this scandal:
«Anastasia International filed a suit against EM Online Ltd. dba Elena's Models, in US Federal Court in New York. The complaint alleged that Elena's Models, a direct competitor of Anastasia International, set up two websites, and, that featured fabricated negative testimonials and illegally used AnastasiaDate trademarks. The case was dismissed.»

And it is not surprisingly that Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) seized the moment and mentioned this website, yes, their own-produced website where AnastasiaDate is accused of fraud

What harm did this agency to you that you are ready to spend so much effort to create your own groups in social networks and multiply «pseudo-reviews» on trust resources for your dirty cooked-up stories?

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