Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The aim is the same: to damage men's attitude towards good Russian or Ukrainian dating sites

Also I want to mention that Dave Bruner created on Facebook a group «The Stupid American» that is very similar to his group on vk.com. The aim is the same: to damage men's attitude towards good Russian or Ukrainian dating sites, lure all the customers from there and gather all them on Elena's Models.
Now it is impossible to determine who is the administator of this page. However earlier Bruner administrated this page.

And now this post looks like this:

What is the difference? And what's the big deal? - can you ask.
When you try to follow the link «David Bruner» or «current page» you see that the page is not availale:
It means that now one cannot define who is the author or administator of this page. This all was done in order to hide Dave's belonging to the content placed there. Or the profile of this character has been already closed by Facebook administration. Agree, nobody deletes or hides profiles in social networks without any reason.

The only question is: do they use correct ways?

I want to mention an interesting fact: Bruner wrote that he hadn't used Elena's Models any more starting from February 2015. However in the same month he takes part in a range of comments and asks questions that contradict to this fact. It seems that this doesn't match with other Dave's posts. It seems that he just bungles.

I can say with certainty that now I have not less questions than you can have. The more facts come out, the less you believe in sincere intentions of David Bruner and the more you connect this legend man with Elena's Models. After all, they «struggle» for honesty. The only question is: do they use correct ways?

Tell me please, what for does a person need to collect cock-and-bull stories about dating agencies, study their work tactics, spread unconfirmed information about these agencies in the internet and the main thing — waste so much efforts and time, if he is fully satisfied with Elena's Models' services? Is it really behaviour of a usual client who is satified with the agency that he uses?

Elena's Models scam or real?

Indeed, Bruner (Elena's Models) couldn't pass over a review article on the claritaslux blog named: «Elena's Models scam or real? My advice and review»
He made a good job, a very careful job, and no bad word about Elena's Models escaped his observation. In all the discussions the tactics of Dave's advocacy of Elena's Models is traced. Of course, it is not good to write the very first comment about Elena's Models, that's why David Bruner mentions his enemy AnastasiaDate:

Among others I found an evident comment taking a dig at Elena's Models competitors websites. It is surprising that Brunner wrote that he didn't use Elena's Models any more. A question arises, why does he continue to defend this agency so eagerly and take part in the discussion?

When Dave Bruner sees negative comments about Elena's Models he acts on the defensive:

"Good" dating sites in David Bruner's opinion

However Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) doesn't stay with it. Now social resouces sitejabber come into play
Of course he mentiones «bad» agencies that did Elena's Models a LOT OF HARM
own page on G Plus, social network twitter (https://twitter.com/stupidbrunner
), youtube:

"Bad" dating sites in David Bruner's opinion

Among "bad" dating sites mentioned on Trustpilot are in David Bruner's (Elena's Models) opinion the same sites against which he cries out in his group: Veronikalove, Russiandesire, Find Bride, Hotrussianbrides, Anastasiadate

He continually lays an emphasis on «The more letters a woman can get sent to her, the more money she gets». And what about «The more partners has Elena's Models, the more the agency earns? The more negative things are spread about competitors, the more clients they get? The more uncontrolled women are on the site, the more money the clients will spend?»

Monday, July 20, 2015

Elena's Models on Trustpilot

Over here Bruner (Elena's Models) duplicates reviews about various dating agencies, the same that he mentiones in his group on vk.com. Naturally, the first in Dave's good sites rating is Elena's Models.

Elena's Models Affiliates Program

So what does come out? Elena's Models uses the partner programme directly and is looking to cooperate with affiliate websites, but at the same time it criticizes and abuses similar networks.


It seems to me that all this connected with all the websites promoted by Dave (Elena's Models).
A propo the «Rearward area». Besides that David Bruner (Elena's Models) spreads a kind of propaganda «good cop / bad cop» with using his group on vk.com, he also spreads rumour about his competitors, enemies and just bad (in Elena's Models opinion) dating sites on reputation resources and so called trust resources. For example, here Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) mentions Trustpilot and asks everybody in public to leave comments there.

Bruner (Elena's Models) criticizes partnership in dating business

I can say that all other sites that Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) mentiones are united in a «cooperation network» with Elena's Models, because they also have their own partner networks or want to develop their business using big partners.

For example, the owner of the site bridesandlovers.com is Stefan Hendrick (https://about.me/stefan.hendrick) - CEO and founder of RedSquareCupid.com. «RedSquareCupid was founded in 2009 and has built up a strong returning membership base. Initially starting with Bridesandlovers.com the company now operate four premium niche dating sites (ukrainiandating.co, asian2date.com, filipino2date.com). Our members come from North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the middle East.»

However, at this point Bruner (Elena's Models) criticizes partnership in dating business. He asks in anger: «Why are there so many Russian/Ukrainian Scam Dating sites?? Why is the Romance Scam Industry worth billions to Russia and Ukraine??? Well, let me show you some insight into my methods.»

The list of dating agencies that David Bruner (Elena's Models) recommends

Generally speaking, Elena's Models is also coming from Queensland, Australia. All other registration data doesn't match with data of its partner sites, of course. Looking at this you can have the impression that these are only indirect evidences, and there are no facts here. However, you will not be able to find facts! Those who have the nerve to accuse the others of fraud and scams, definitely know how to cover up their tracks and prepare back areas.

And if you take a closer look, you will find 3 differences in the registration data of these sites — name, ZIP-code and fax number :)))


Friday, July 17, 2015

AnastasiaDate takes the first place in Dave's (Elena's Models') bad reviews rating

Note 2. Yes, it didn't seem to you. AnastasiaDate takes the first place in Dave's (Elena's Models') bad reviews rating. This agency is described with the most negative expressions. And there exists a direct explanation for this. If you are interested in details, just read this: http://www.onlinepersonalswatch.com/news/elenas_models/
Note 3. I cannot pass over the list of dating agencies that David Bruner (Elena's Models) recommends:
All these websites fdating.com, russian-dating.com, russian-personals.com have the same registration data, and the sites are very similar to each other, you can make certain!

Why David Bruner so "love" Anastasia Date

I would like to comment on a last website to which Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) refers and gives the direct link only to this agency. This site owes the same registration dates that the much talked-of in the internetanastasiadatefraud.com has.

Why David Bruner so "love" Anastasia Date

By the way, this scandal is mentioned on one of the most popular and trustworthy internet sites - Wikipedia


As you might have guessed, Elena's Models was involved in this scandal:
«Anastasia International filed a suit against EM Online Ltd. dba Elena's Models, in US Federal Court in New York. The complaint alleged that Elena's Models, a direct competitor of Anastasia International, set up two websites, anastasiadatefraud.com and ruadventures.com, that featured fabricated negative testimonials and illegally used AnastasiaDate trademarks. The case was dismissed.»

And it is not surprisingly that Dave Bruner (Elena's Models) seized the moment and mentioned this website, yes, their own-produced website anastasiadatefraud.com where AnastasiaDate is accused of fraud

What harm did this agency to you that you are ready to spend so much effort to create your own groups in social networks and multiply «pseudo-reviews» on trust resources for your dirty cooked-up stories?