Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Some Elena's Models' affiliates

We move further and look, it was not difficult for Bruner to promote its affiliates, it is clearly seen here:

Among groups to which Brunner refers in his profile I found some Elena's Models' affiliates that also belong to Nikolai Grebnev. Do you think that it is just a coincidence?
So, whom Dave (Elena's Models) praises in his group on vk.com:




Monday, June 29, 2015

"Elena's Models' is the realest dating site on the net", really?

Do you want to say that this is an opinion of an altruist who is so delighted by Elena's Models? Each alive person is quite lazy. Even if he / she is not content, he / she will confine himself to two or three bitter notes. But David has just an unprecedented longstanding aggravation of selective jaundice. If a person is satisfied with everything, he will describe his admiration once and than live his own life and enjoy his life. Such a person can leave only one or two thankful comments, but those who write long stories... such kind of behavior smells of dirty trick.
And here are praises of Elena's Models again, and of course the praise is accompanied with complaints about other agencies. No competitor is passed by!

David Brunner's rule is: «Elena's Models' is the realest dating site on the net», DEFINITELY! It is for those who look for superlative, isn't it?

Elena's Models - why do you want to misinform people?

Why do you want to misinform people? Bruner (Elena's Models) do you really think that a text that you wrote well in advance and placed on facebook in third person will be taken seriously? It is surprisingly how much time you would need to examine 1000 women's profiles and contact hundreds of men (if it is possible at all) to make a «stupid American» conclusion that this site is just a scam, REALLY!
And now we get to the point: then Dave Brunner (Elena's Models) praises Elena's Models and doesn't grudge sweet words for this praise :)))

Aw shucks! It is hard to fault, everything was described just perfectly. I wonder how much does such a work cost. Perhaps you could write books on psychology...

Does Elena's Models really consider all American men to be fools?

Is Brunner really a generous, altruistic and compassionate men who is ready to spend so much time to defend Elena's Models without seeking to profit? Or does Elena's Models really consider all American men to be fools? It is stupid to think that people can be leaded by someone's fake story without forming their own opinion about this. It is impossible to hide the truth! People can make the difference between bad and good things, truth and lie.
And here the most evident sequence of actions comes to see, the tactics goes on: Brunner's words are spiced with some negative, he writes a couple of abusing posts about find-bride.com, Veronikalove.com, but they are still not very abusing, it's just a "support act", the most interesting steps are still ahead... ;)

Dave (Elena's Models), where are the facts? Do you really know that ModelMayhem is a real origin? You can take such photos from any dating website. Why? It is convenient, it's such a models photostock, and you can always hide yourself behind dating agencies!
David Bruner's rule is: if a girl is a model and has photos of good quality on various resources, this girl cannot be a member of any dating site, because she is DEFINITELY a fake person!

Online dating propaganda from Elena's Models

Note 1. It is very easy to spread this kind of propaganda, especially if the workflows of other agencies are not similar to Elena's Models' methods. It is so easy,you just have to slander these agencies (there is a lot of them in the internet), you just think out detailed stories and discussions on a topic «Don't pay for letters because this is scam». Simply said, it is very convenient for Elena's models to shelter themselves behind some other business, especially if they have something to hide or propagandize.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The typical Elena’s Models bot’s tactics are as follows:

A couple of welcoming remarks on general topics,
then they praise somebody in order to deflect attention away from the main thing.
An example? Here is the first neutral post about the agency lovelygirls.rus-date.com. This agency is not very popular and cannot be a competitor for Elena's Models. So, why should one write about it? The answer is quite simple: this small website belongs to Nikolai Grebnev who doesn't like to display his activity. This man is the founder and owner of DM Planet LLP, this company rules many other dating sites (for example LoveMage, RuDiva, KievGirls etc) and an affiliate network OwnDating/Affiliater. “So why not to promote my affiliate websites?" decided Brunner (a fictive character created by Elena's Models).
And finally one can abuse everyone and all. 
That's their dirty strategy.

As you can see, Dave Bruner considers paying for letters or chat to be scams. However he is convinced: if a website has a membership fee, there are NO scammers on this site, DEFINITELY! :)
By the way, exactly Elena's Models has a membership fee. An interesting detail: this fee is based on how many women you wish to talk to. So, what is the difference between paying for letters and the fee based on how many girls you communicate with?..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

David Brunner is a fake!!!

read more on http://david-brunner-scam-fake-elenas-models.com/

The author of a social group on https://vk.com/club77348506. It appeared in September 2014 and has being rapidly updated with reviews on Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies. Especially since "dating scam" is a really painful issue for a lot of men from all over the world.

Most of these reviews are negative, and some of them seem to be recommendations or advertisements. A big positive emphasis is put on the dating agency "Elena's Models".

In the author's opinion it is a good, real and the most honest agency.
Hey, Elena's Models, is it OK to build your pseudo-reputation libeling similar marriage agencies?

What dating agency is the main enemy of Elena's Models?

The main enemies of Elena's Models are all the agencies that don't belong to its partners. But we found one special agency, it is Anastasia Date. They seem to have a personal “vendetta” and any dirty tricks work good in this case.

Why does Elena's Models fights hard with competitors?

This is an easy game of how to get a lot of money in a very short time.
Where are the sites promoted by Elena's Models coming from?
They all are registered by one person and they are Elena's Models' affiliates, such as


Who is Brunner?

He is a fictive character involved in dark public relations in the interests of Elena's Models.
What exactly do Elena's Models do for casting dirt at their competitors?

They create fake websites where they abuse all dating agencies and praise only Elena's Models;
They do the same on all dating forums;
They do the same on all rating resources.

So, maybe Dave Brunner is a real person?

Of course he isn't. If you read his reviews you will be able to see that he appears in three places at once. And while praising companion websites of Elena's Models he turns out to have a bride on EACH of them. LOL.
He has abused more than 40 agencies this year on the Internet. What do you think, was he really a member on each of these sites?

Elena's Models promotes its own affiliate program.

It uses methods that are dirty and unacceptable for fair business.

Does Elena's Models develop its reputation using its own resources?

No, they seem to employ staff for throwing mud at other companies.

Read more on http://david-brunner-scam-fake-elenas-models.com/
Beware: David Brunner is a new dirty scam technique of Elena's Models for dumping its competitors! 
Avoid BIG BIG SCAMS on the NET

David Brunner is a new dirty scam technique of Elena's Models for dumping its competitors!!!

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