Monday, June 29, 2015

"Elena's Models' is the realest dating site on the net", really? 
Do you want to say that this is an opinion of an altruist who is so delighted by Elena's Models? Each alive person is quite lazy. Even if he / she is not content, he / she will confine himself to two or three bitter notes. But David has just an unprecedented longstanding aggravation of selective jaundice. If a person is satisfied with everything, he will describe his admiration once and than live his own life and enjoy his life. Such a person can leave only one or two thankful comments, but those who write long stories... such kind of behavior smells of dirty trick.
And here are praises of Elena's Models again, and of course the praise is accompanied with complaints about other agencies. No competitor is passed by!

David Brunner's rule is: «Elena's Models' is the realest dating site on the net», DEFINITELY! It is for those who look for superlative, isn't it?

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