Monday, June 29, 2015

Does Elena's Models really consider all American men to be fools?

Is Brunner really a generous, altruistic and compassionate men who is ready to spend so much time to defend Elena's Models without seeking to profit? Or does Elena's Models really consider all American men to be fools? It is stupid to think that people can be leaded by someone's fake story without forming their own opinion about this. It is impossible to hide the truth! People can make the difference between bad and good things, truth and lie.
And here the most evident sequence of actions comes to see, the tactics goes on: Brunner's words are spiced with some negative, he writes a couple of abusing posts about,, but they are still not very abusing, it's just a "support act", the most interesting steps are still ahead... ;)

Dave (Elena's Models), where are the facts? Do you really know that ModelMayhem is a real origin? You can take such photos from any dating website. Why? It is convenient, it's such a models photostock, and you can always hide yourself behind dating agencies!
David Bruner's rule is: if a girl is a model and has photos of good quality on various resources, this girl cannot be a member of any dating site, because she is DEFINITELY a fake person!

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