Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who is Brunner?

He is a fictive character involved in dark public relations in the interests of Elena's Models.
What exactly do Elena's Models do for casting dirt at their competitors?

They create fake websites where they abuse all dating agencies and praise only Elena's Models;
They do the same on all dating forums;
They do the same on all rating resources.

So, maybe Dave Brunner is a real person?

Of course he isn't. If you read his reviews you will be able to see that he appears in three places at once. And while praising companion websites of Elena's Models he turns out to have a bride on EACH of them. LOL.
He has abused more than 40 agencies this year on the Internet. What do you think, was he really a member on each of these sites?

Elena's Models promotes its own affiliate program.

It uses methods that are dirty and unacceptable for fair business.

Does Elena's Models develop its reputation using its own resources?

No, they seem to employ staff for throwing mud at other companies.

Read more on http://david-brunner-scam-fake-elenas-models.com/
Beware: David Brunner is a new dirty scam technique of Elena's Models for dumping its competitors! 
Avoid BIG BIG SCAMS on the NET

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