Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Elena's Models scam or real?

Indeed, Bruner (Elena's Models) couldn't pass over a review article on the claritaslux blog named: «Elena's Models scam or real? My advice and review»
He made a good job, a very careful job, and no bad word about Elena's Models escaped his observation. In all the discussions the tactics of Dave's advocacy of Elena's Models is traced. Of course, it is not good to write the very first comment about Elena's Models, that's why David Bruner mentions his enemy AnastasiaDate:

Among others I found an evident comment taking a dig at Elena's Models competitors websites. It is surprising that Brunner wrote that he didn't use Elena's Models any more. A question arises, why does he continue to defend this agency so eagerly and take part in the discussion?

When Dave Bruner sees negative comments about Elena's Models he acts on the defensive:

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