Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The only question is: do they use correct ways?

I want to mention an interesting fact: Bruner wrote that he hadn't used Elena's Models any more starting from February 2015. However in the same month he takes part in a range of comments and asks questions that contradict to this fact. It seems that this doesn't match with other Dave's posts. It seems that he just bungles.

I can say with certainty that now I have not less questions than you can have. The more facts come out, the less you believe in sincere intentions of David Bruner and the more you connect this legend man with Elena's Models. After all, they «struggle» for honesty. The only question is: do they use correct ways?

Tell me please, what for does a person need to collect cock-and-bull stories about dating agencies, study their work tactics, spread unconfirmed information about these agencies in the internet and the main thing — waste so much efforts and time, if he is fully satisfied with Elena's Models' services? Is it really behaviour of a usual client who is satified with the agency that he uses?

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