Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why does Elena's Models hides behind strange names in social networks?

As I said before, it is a very convenient position, and the main thing, this is one of the easiest way of fighting with Elena's Models' competitors. As the result we men suffer, men who are ready to spend their money to find a real relationship or even a future wife. We entrust our destinies to dirty manipulators who strive to earn as much money as possible using us.

We are manupilated by big business machines like Elena's Models.
I would say that such methods were popular in the past century, but now in our modern world there are a lot of ways to develop one's business. Why not to put an ad on TV or in Internet?
Unfortunately, Elena's Models chose another strategy, the chose dirty advertisement. They try to «kill» their competitors tactlessly accusing them of fraud, thinking out in a skillful way more and more dirty stories in social networks. Seeing all this I can only say that Elena's Models doesn't deserve any good attitude. Moreover, they will never be able to enhance their image behaving like this.
What did everything begin from? Less than a year before (in the end of July 2014) a screaming article appeared on a blog devoted to search of wives abroad. The articles' title was «Dumping Elena»

Unfortunately this article was deleted. The author wrote about change of Elena's Model's owners. How do you think, is it an accident that the agency Elena's Models began the large-scale fight with its competitors in all possible social networks in the same year? The changes took place not only inside the company, the website was changed as well, it was greatly updated. At the same time, Elena's Models behavour towards competitor websites became much more violent and inconsiderate, as you can see.

And here is the comment from Paul written after one of the articles on this blog:

So it is, Elena's Models really belongs to the company Great Media Limited, it is mentioned on their website:

On another blog you can find a discussion about change of Elena's Models owners

By the way, it seems that this discussion was created for the same goals of Elena's Models, the tactics and style of narrative are very similar to Bruner's tactics. The autor refers to the same artice, as did I. And he quotes a little fragment of this article.

As you can see, the author of the blog tries to justify the «benevolent intentions» of Elena's Models who changed its registration data. He explaines it in the following way:


It is evident that big changes took place in Elena's Models company. It is also evident that this «honest» dating agency tries to earn money using unfair game. And the fact remains evident that the agency Elena's Models is ready to biuld its internet empire by all means (even bad and dirty).
However, in any case I wish you to keep your head to the sky and use services of only honest Ukrainian and Russian dating agencies. There are a lot of them in internet, believe me, you should look for them and you will certainly find them!

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