Thursday, June 25, 2015

The typical Elena’s Models bot’s tactics are as follows:

A couple of welcoming remarks on general topics,
then they praise somebody in order to deflect attention away from the main thing.
An example? Here is the first neutral post about the agency This agency is not very popular and cannot be a competitor for Elena's Models. So, why should one write about it? The answer is quite simple: this small website belongs to Nikolai Grebnev who doesn't like to display his activity. This man is the founder and owner of DM Planet LLP, this company rules many other dating sites (for example LoveMage, RuDiva, KievGirls etc) and an affiliate network OwnDating/Affiliater. “So why not to promote my affiliate websites?" decided Brunner (a fictive character created by Elena's Models).
And finally one can abuse everyone and all. 
That's their dirty strategy.

As you can see, Dave Bruner considers paying for letters or chat to be scams. However he is convinced: if a website has a membership fee, there are NO scammers on this site, DEFINITELY! :)
By the way, exactly Elena's Models has a membership fee. An interesting detail: this fee is based on how many women you wish to talk to. So, what is the difference between paying for letters and the fee based on how many girls you communicate with?..

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